1978 Born in Argentina, 

lives and works in Rome.


Textile artis

Quotidian objects in the domestic context and ordinary life situations, give me a ground from where to explore the poetics of the everyday. They constitute the starting point from where I explore notions of dwelling.  The interest I have in the space we inhabit and in how we inhabit comes from my own life experiences, especially that of migrating and motherhood. 


I started working with old home linens, found, given or inherited, treating and whitening them to create a reclaimed surface to work on. Stains, tears and other signs of use populate them like forgotten steps across a landscape, conveying a sense of temporary presence. To all this traces i have added mine. 


 Over time, staining, stitching and  mark making became a staple of my visual language. I work with water media, and create inks from the landscapes I come across. Burnt remains from a wild fire, botanical and domestic remainders or rusted urban objects found on the street, run across my work, transformed into pigments.

The multilayer textile pieces mended and embroidered,  highlight the fragility of life, its preciousness and mystery.

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Some selected solo exhibits

2020- Galeria Curva Pura, " Veglia con me " Textile exhibition. 

2020- Portuense 201, Floralism. Effluio, Collaborative installation


2019- Galleria Curva Pura- In Transit- site specific installation for the Rome Art Week


2018- Centro Experimental del color, Santa Fe, Argentina


2018- “The ludic Room”, CRETA, Roma- Artist in Residence.


2016-La casa- Esthia arte contemporanea, Roma.


2014-Fine Arts Museum, Orlando Ruffinengo– Santa Fe, Argentina


2013- Galleria AG Arte, ” Un Mundo Sutil” , Santa Fe, Argentina


2011- Galleria AG Arte, “movimientos”, Santa Fe, Argentina.


2010- Galleria Sembler, US Embassy, Roma, Italia.


2008- Casa de Santa Fe. Drawings, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz,, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2005- Centro Cultural Provincial. Santa Fe, Argentina.



Some group exhibits


2016-“Open Mind”,Circle de Artist di Barcelona, Spain.


2016- “Open Mind”,Forum of Art and Architecture, Essen, Germany.


2016-“Mirabillia Pensa in Grande”, Galleria Mirabillia, Reggio Emilia.


2015- Shortlisted, premio “Men and the city”, Galleria Independent artist, Milano.


2015-Shortlisted, Premio “Ars Mirabillis”, Galleria Arte Mirabillia,Reggio Emilia.


2014- Shortlisted, Premio Bice Bugatti- Nuova Milanese


2014- Centro Cultural La Vaguada, Madrid, Spania.


2012- Grandes Maestros Argentinos y Contemporáneos, Galleria AG Arte, Santa Fe, Argentina.


2007- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Dibujos y pinturas, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


2007- Alliance française, Sala Fortabat, ” Rimbaud” . Drawings, ADA. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2006- Galleria d’Arte Holz, “Coleccionables”.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2006- Shortlisted, Palermo Fest. Pinturas. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2006 – XX Salon Nacional, San Justo, Dibujo. Santa Fe, Argentina, II Premio


2006- Shortlisted, Biennale de arte joven. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Santa Fe, Argentina.


2005-2006 – Galleria d’Arte Hopkins Fine Arts. Pintura, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Pinturas, Buenos Aires. Argentina.