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Maria Constanza Villarreal

1978 Born in Argentina, lives and works in Rome.

Multidisciplinary artist.

Maria Constanza Villarreal was born in Santa Fe, Argentina where she studied Architecture, until 2009 when she moved to Italy to learn classical drawing, painting and ceramics, in the Atelier System, both in Florence at the Florence Academy and in Rome, at the Canova Atelier and Centro of Contemporary Ceramics. C.R.E.T.A

This classical training, along with an experimental nature, has allowed her to developed a poetic deeply rooted in the understanding of materials, its expressive potentiality and the capacity to convey strong messages.

She creates individual pieces in textiles, paper and ceramics as well as installations. The experimental approach has also taken her to create projects in public spaces with the engagement of the community and to facilitate art exercises designed to teach a specific skill as much as to create a space of connection and reflection.


Some of her work can be found:

Museo de bellas Artes Orlando Ruffinengo, Santa Fe, Argentina. ( Painting )

Centro Cultural Provincial, Santa Fe, Argentina ( Painting)

Chiostro of the Basilica di San Crisogono, Roma, Italia. ( Silverpoint drawing on textile)

Biblioteca Mario Luzi, Firenze, Italy ( Textile permanent installation boarn as a community project)

Biblioteca Buonarotti, Firenze ( textile permanent installation,  born as a community project)

Murate Art District, in Collaboration with Arte Giro Contemporary art, Archival platform (video)

Stay With Me, permanent on line protect / Room 5

Raise Art gallery

Various online and printed publications.

Some selected solo exhibits

2020-Stay with me, collective permanent virtual exhibit and project

2020-galleria Curva Pura,Rome Veglia con Me, site specific installation

2020- Floralism, Portuense 201.Rome, Collaborative installation with natural pigments from the river.

2019- Galleria Curva Pura- In Transit- site specific installation for the Rome Art Week 2018- Centro Experimental del color, Santa Fe, Argentina
2018- “The ludic Room”, CRETA, Roma
2016-La casa- Esthia arte contemporanea, Roma.

2014-Fine Arts Museum, Orlando Ruffinengo– Santa Fe, Argentina 2013- Galleria AG Arte, ” Un Mundo Sutil” , Santa Fe, Argentina 2011- Galleria AG Arte, “movimientos”, Santa Fe, Argentina. 2010- Galleria Sembler, US Embassy, Roma, Italia.

2008- Casa de Santa Fe. Drawings, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz,, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005- Centro Cultural Provincial. Santa Fe, Argentina.

Some group exhibits

2021- Surface and Depht, Palazzo Velli, Roma. Rome art Week

2016-“Open Mind”,Circle de Artist di Barcelona, Spain.
2016- “Open Mind”,Forum of Art and Architecture, Essen, Germany. 2016-“Mirabillia Pensa in Grande”, Galleria Mirabillia, Reggio Emilia.

2015- Shortlisted, premio “Men and the city”, Galleria Independent artist, Milano. 2015-Shortlisted, Premio “Ars Mirabillis”, Galleria Arte Mirabillia,Reggio Emilia. 2014- Shortlisted, Premio Bice Bugatti- Nuova Milanese
2014- Centro Cultural La Vaguada, Madrid, Spania.

2012- Grandes Maestros Argentinos y Contemporáneos, Galleria AG Arte, Santa Fe, Argentina.

2007- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Dibujos y pinturas, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2007- Alliance française, Sala Fortabat, ” Rimbaud” . Drawings, ADA. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006- Galleria d’Arte Holz, “Coleccionables”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006- Shortlisted, Palermo Fest. Pinturas. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006 – XX Salon Nacional, San Justo, Dibujo. Santa Fe, Argentina, II Premio

2006- Shortlisted, Biennale de arte joven. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Santa Fe, Argentina.

2005- Galleria d’Arte Holz, Pinturas, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Artist in Residency Projects

2019 Nyon Switzerland, Trelex
2018 C.R.E.T.A. Ceramic center, Rome, Italy
2016 Esthia Project, Contemporary Art, Rome Italy