detail Pulse of morning- Silver and ink on mended fabric

Quotidian objects in the domestic context and ordinary life situations, give me a ground from where to explore the poetics of the everyday. They constitute the starting point from where I explore notions of dwelling.  The interest I have in the space we inhabit and in how we inhabit comes from my own life experiences, especially that of migrating and motherhood. 


I started working with old home linens, found, given or inherited, treating and whitening them to create a reclaimed surface to work on. Stains and other signs of use populate them like forgotten steps across a landscape, conveying a sense of temporary presence. To all these traces i have added mine.


The silverpoint I use to create drawings, leaves a trace of precious metal particles on the abrasive surface. This intricate realistic drawings, in an environment of fleeting silhouettes, have a grounding effect. In my work, realism is an invitation to be  more present in our own life and discover the realm of possibilities and the numerous traces of precious care in the everyday. 


Underneath the colourful and apparently idilic scenes in my work, there is an ongoing conversation about gratitude, resilience and the preciousness of life.