The Ludic Room

 Artist in Residence Project, CRETA

The ludic room 

Quotidian objects in the domestic context and ordinary life situations, children at play in a courtyard for instance, give me a ground from where to explore the poetics of the everyday. For this series of drawings on ceramics, I have mixed the Italian terracotta tile making tradition with the fresco technics, painting directly into the wet clay, to populate the tiles with playful images that celebrate childhood. Being a mother has given me a bounty of opportunities to reenter childhood, from a different vantage point. I have revisited some of the scenes of children at play multiple times, repeating the same drawing with subtle variations. There are children jumping into the water simultaneously and others riding a horse. Each drawing is individual. The repetition is intentional, and inclusive, I am looking for the points of contact between the singular scenes. All the horse riders are fleeting  with the race, They became one rider,  all the divers  experience courage, or excitement. they could be any diver…I believe ordinary life experiences can act as common denominators, bringing individuals closer, making them less lonely and more tolerant.