This is a site specific installation in collaboration with Copihue Floral Studio botanical desing and Flavio Lococos fragances , At Portuense 201.

In this project I have forraged botanical pigments along side the banks of the Tiber River to create this textile works.

The installation is an instance of the continuous flow of the river, built on perfumes, pigments and botanical elements.

IMG_1400 2.jpeg
Stay With Me Art in Turbulent Times

Notte in Bianco

‘Notte in bianco' is a series of textile drawings, about  those nights spent awake while everyone is asleep, caring for someone, old, young, or the life of the natural world, in a fragile state. It is a project developed in the context of Stay with me, when the darkness of the pandemic awakened us all, highlighting the things to be healed in society, in the system of values, and in the environment.


Ategiro Contemporary Art