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I compose colourful  scenes inspired in quotidian life, incorporating post consumer textiles and papers, that otherwise would be destined to a land filled. I am interested in portraying the dynamic flow of life, allowing for the  sense of decay from the salvage materials to weave into the visual composition. Layered in the visual narrative, there is a remainder of the fragility of life and the care that is calling for, and an ongoing invitation to embrace transformation and see the beauty in all the stages that come with it.


Maria Constanza Villarreal was born in Santa Fe, Argentina where she studied Architecture, until 2009 when she moved to Italy to learn classical drawing, painting , in the Atelier System in Florence and in Rome. 

This classical training, along with an experimental nature, has allowed her to developed a poetic deeply rooted in the understanding of materials, its expressive potentiality and the capacity to convey strong messages.

Her work has been shown  in Europe and Argentina. At the Palazzo Velli in Rome, the Galleria Curva Pura during Rome Art Week, The Galleria Esthia and at the Portuense art district in Rome. In Bologna, at the Galeria Mirabilia. In Germany, At the house of Architecture in Essen. In Barcelona, at the Circle of Art of Barcelona. In Madrid at  the Centro Cultural La Vaguada during Arco. In Buenos Aires, at the galleria de arte Holz, and the sala Fortbath. 


Some of her work can be found at the Museo de Arte Orlando Ruffinengo, in Galvez, Argentina . At the chiostro of San Crisogono in Rome Italy, and her installations and community projects in Florence, at the Biblioteca Mario Luzi e Biblioteca Buonarotti. 


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I am always looking to collaborate, and love a good creative challenge. I work in individual pieces, commisions, as well as in installations and public space projects that can engage the communnity. I have seen how art can bring people toghether, provide new perspectives and bring joy. 


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